Operations development

  • Would you like to internationalize or restructure?
  • Need extra resource and support in your restructuring or turnaround?
  • Need an impartial analysis of your business?
  • External support in your decommissioning process?
  • Leading change management in your business?
  • Team building? Conduct staff satisfaction survey?
  • Help with routine preparation and structuring?
  • In need of a renewal of policies?
  • Help with finding improvement?
  • Maybe just a sounding board?

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We have experience of change management and business development and are able to support you in your business whether the goal is efficiency, cost savings and increased staff satisfaction.


  • Do you require a cost reduction?
  • Areyouin need of newand more competitivesuppliers?
  • Want to knowyour cost saving potential?
  • Do you require temporary staffing assignments, project managers, buyers or purchasing managers?
  • Do you wantan impartial assessmentofyour purchaseand operation?
  • Help tointernationalizeyour purchase?
  • Help with agreements and policy development?
  • Does your purchasing department need inspiration?

Beckert Consulting has 30 years of purchasing experience from Europe and Asia. Experience in both operational and strategic purchasing and purchasing management. Establishment and development of purchasing organizations and internationalization.

Company Establishment

  • Looking to establish or purchase a company in Sweden?
  • Need help with your business plan or budget?
  • Do you lack local knowledge and networks?
  • Do you have enough information?
  • Need help with contracts or recruitment?
  • What about Business Valuation?
  • Who will manage your application to the Swedish Immigration?
  • Do you have time to manage everything yourself?
  • Would you like to have a local advisor, assistant and contact person?

Welcome to contact us

Starting or buying a company is a process that requires information, effort and many decisions. Our intention is to support, facilitate and provide advice to new entrepreneurs but also to foreign investors and entrepreneurs who intend to establish their business in Sweden.


We offer personalized coaching to promote personal development of key individuals, thereby contributing to improved performance, confidence, and not the least well being.
Beckert Consulting also undertakes Team Building missions and inspirational seminars targeted to the company’s purchasing organization. We develop customized courses and seminars.

Beckert Consulting AB has long experience in staff development and team building from both Sweden and Asia.