About the company

About the company

Bergdala foto P Beckert 2014With 30 years of international business experience, primarily in purchasing, business and operations development and more than 20 years of management and leadership experience from different industries, company sizes, environments and business cultures, I started Beckert Consulting AB in 2014. We are based in Värnamo, one of Sweden’s most known and extensive entrepreneurial regions.

In my working life, I have had the privilege of receiving a lot of trust and many challenges. This has developed me over the years and it has widened my experience. It has made it possible for me to create good results. My objective is to be able to share my experiences, knowledge and contacts to interested companies and contribute to their development, competitiveness and growth.

We offer services in

Beckert Consulting AB is working in a proactive, cost-effective and customer-oriented way. Each assignment or project is customized based on customer needs and capabilities to ensure a good result.

Through our network of experienced and competent partners we can provide and involve resources and specialist expertise in finance and accounting, marketing, production and quality assurance, interim solutions, recruitment and web and graphic design when required.